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Researchers sample Lake Superior’s waters to study lake’s rapid changes

Albert Lea Tribune (5/22)

This week scientists from the University of Minnesota Duluth are trying to figure out why the lake is warming, why surface ice cover is declining and why biological diversity is decreasing to the point where there's less food for fish.

Toxic algal blooms to be detected earlier with new tool as response to $64 million annual US losses

AccuWeather.com (5/1)

NASA is working alongside NOAA, U.S.EPA and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to transform satellite data used to monitor ocean biology into valuable information to monitor detrimental freshwater algal blooms.

CMU's Institute for Great Lakes Research featured in Blue Economy report

Midland Daily News (5/1)

IGLR director D. Uzarski and research scientist M. Cooper helped contribute to a new report, which is designed to spur strategic actions to expand and grow the state’s Blue Economy and help Michigan to become the world’s freshwater and water innovation capital.

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