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Fight against invasive species going hi-tech in Canada

The Toronto Star (2/5)

Dealing with invasive species has historically been a time-consuming, expensive and almost Sisyphean process. But science is making inroads.

At least 2 wolves still roaming Michigan's Isle Royale, researchers find

MLive (2/4)

Researchers say they have found evidence of at least two wolves still roaming Isle Royale National Lakeshore, in Mich.

More harm than help? Antibacterial hand soaps threaten fish

Great Lakes Echo (2/2)

Washing your hands with antibacterial hand soaps probably protects you from bacterial infections but it can alter hormones in animals.

An industrial chemical finds its way into Great Lakes trout

WBEZ - Chicago, IL (2/2)

An industrial chemical is showing up in trout from all five of the Great Lakes. Its called perfluoro-1-butane sulfonamide, or FBSA.

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